Pricing Plans

We’ve simplified our pricing plans for website optimisation. It’s now a single hourly rate based on the amount of time you need per month.

If the above pricing structure don’t suit your requirements we’re more than happy to discuss an arrangement that will fit your needs.

Collecting Data

The starting point is always data. It’s vital that you collect data about your website’s performance and your visitors activity to help us make data-driven recommendations.  It also means we can measure the impact of any changes made so you can see the benefits.

If you’re not currently tracking your website’s performance don’t worry we can help with that too.

We don’t charge any separate fees for implementing web analytics. Our fees are all included in the hourly rate detailed above.

What we cover in our analytics set-up :-

  • help you define the purpose of your website and it’s top pages

  • work with you to define and set up the main Key Performance Indicators relevant to your business e.g. new visitors, downloads, orders, abandon rates etc

  • we’ll set up page-level web analytics reports, and specific goal tracking e.g. signups or contact form completions

  • we’ll help you understand what you’re tracking and what the results mean so you can make decisions about what to do to improve performance

So what are you waiting for?