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I’m Nigel, Founder and Owner of Sales Optimisation.

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Not to hear my life story.

If you are interested in that (and I’m flattered, really), then go here.

But here’s the short version…

I got involved in websites and website design back in 2000 when I became the manager of 3rd party deals for HSBC UK’s website.

It was dumb, yes. We we were putting in more time selling other peoples stuff than our own products!  So we changed gear and refocused our efforts on our own products and services.

The first thing we designed were quick, simple online forms processed by our call centres. Within a year we were generating £2m in annual income. We developed and improved the product pages and sales processes to drive even more traffic.

Next we developed sales funnels within internet banking that allowed targeted pricing to individuals. Initially fulfilled by the same call centre teams, these very quickly became instant sales processes, and were some of the first in the UK financial industry. From start of sale to opened account in less that 2 minutes!

But… we realised lots of people were still abandoning our sales funnels… and this is where my passion for understanding how users really think and what they’re looking for started.

Just by focusing on what was causing people to leave, and finding ways to improve the user experience, meant by the end of 2002 we were generating £8m in annual revenue.

Fast forward to today, and we’re doing the same thing for businesses like you…

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Innovation on its own isn’t enough, it needs to provide a return on investment.  By focusing on the user experience, whether it be first time visitors doing initial research, task-oriented visits to the shopping basket journey or signup for a newsletter, businesses get to look at the experience through the customers’ eyes.

Often this leads to some unpleasant findings.  In the case of my earlier career it was clear that ‘design’ was being driven by IT coding efficiencies and not for the benefit of the user (sadly nowadays it’s more likely due to sexy modern design).  Changing this had quite a dramatic impact:-

375% increase

Business Credit Card sales conversion growth

180x ROI

Return on Investment for a single test

1.2m Extra Visits

Improved navigation drove significant additional traffic

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Nigel Garner

Nigel Garner

Founder and Owner

Having worked extensively in the finance industry for 25+ years, the last 15 of which were spent managing and leading ecommerce teams for a large multinational institution, Nigel has gained a wealth of knowledge about sales conversion and website optimisation.  For the last 2 years Nigel worked as a digital consultant helping other institutions improve the online experience being offered to their customers and driving higher sales and customer retention.

Nigel is an experienced and passionate digital professional. In simple terms, Nigel knows his stuff. He’s got a great track record of influencing and driving strategic change that has delivered significant impact to the bottom line. A well respected member of my team and a huge asset to any organisation.

Chris Joannou

Head of Public Websites, Global Marketing, HSBC

Nigel is one of the most forward thinking clients I’ve ever worked with. He is constantly looking for new and clever ways to optimise a website, but always has a focus on proving that these initiatives are profitable short and long term. His thinking is always very user centred and he understands the importance of putting the actual user at the heart of website design and strategy.

Garry Lee

Chief Executive Officer, RedEye

Nigel proved well ahead of the market in recognising the value of putting the customer at the centre of HSBC’s decision making processes. More than that Nigel was brave enough to go the extra mile to execute extremely effectively resulting in a return on their investment in a bleeding edge technology that would have been the envy of every investment at the time in any business in any vertical. Couple this vision and courage with a cracking character both in and out of the office, and the result was one of those business relationships that makes coming to working that much more enjoyable.

Wayne Morris

UK General Manager, Maxymiser (now Oracle)