Who Are We?

Nigel Garner works with ambitious business owners to get more leads and sales from their websites, and mobile apps, specialising in ecommerce.

 He has been at the forefront of the internet for 20 years establishing ecommerce in the UK financial institutions, introducing search engine optimisation and ecommerce within internet banking. As such is a highly regarded expert in helping business, big and small, to achieve their business and online goals. 

During that time he saw that internet was going to play a powerful role in all aspects of business. Realising that the internet allowed businesses the opportunity to interact with their audience, enabling them to easily use websites in ways that help the customer get easy access to the information they want and need helping to business to make more sales.

 Nigel now works with business owners who want to get more from their websites privately and commercially to succeed and achieve their full sales potential.

…and start generating more sales.

Our Experience

Our team has extensive experience in ecommerce and optimising websites to improve key business objectives including sales and conversion rates.  Our founder began his online sales experience over 15 years ago, when he worked for a major international bank.

A Different Approach

As Head of eCommerce, Nigel ran a team of people responsible for achieving a £20m+ online sales target.  To be successful, he understood it wasn’t just about more marketing to hit the target, it was about being smarter and dramatically improving the online experience for the website’s visitors.

By looking at how visitors were using the site and where they were struggling, the team were able to identify specific snag points and experiment with ways to improve them.


This began a new era of innovation and experimentation in the UK financial industry:-

  • the first to use artificial intelligence to target onsite adverts for products and help services
  • the first to focus on content optimisation based around the customer, which ultimately lead to…
  • the first to succeed in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for optimised terms, regularly achieving no.1 slot for organic
  • the first to implement a full service website testing platform and experimentation culture (A/B split testing and multi-variate testing [MVT] )
  • the first to research realtime optimisation of sales funnels for different user types
  • the first to carry out usability research with real customers in the B2B customer base

and the list goes on….


Innovation on it’s own wasn’t enough, it needed to provide a return on investment.  By focusing on the user experience, whether it be research by first time visitors, the shopping basket journey or even signup for an email newsletter, the process forced the business to look at the experience through the customers’ eyes.

This led to some unpleasant findings.  It was clear that ‘design’ was being driven by IT coding efficiencies and not for the benefit of the user.  Changing this had quite a dramatic impact:-

375% increase

Business Credit Card sales conversion growth

180x ROI

Return on Investment for a single test

1.2m Extra Visits

Improved navigation drove significant additional traffic

Lessons Learnt

The lesson learnt from all of this innovation and customer experience improvement was that optimisation never stops. The biggest mistake companies make is to assume that once the website is up and running, that’s it, you sit back and just wait for the sales to roll in.

Running a website is much more than that.

You need to continually analyse the customer journeys on your site and understand where the problems are, fixing them where the issue is obvious but testing different approaches where it isn’t.

If you run a large site with different types of users you’ll need to think about each user type’s needs – they won’t all be the same – for example existing customers may want help and support content alongside info about their existing purchases and accessory options, not just info about new products they haven’t bought yet.


So what are you waiting for?

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Nigel Garner

Nigel Garner

Founder and Owner

Having worked extensively in the finance industry for 25+ years, the last 15 of which were spent managing and leading ecommerce teams for a large multinational institution, Nigel has gained a wealth of knowledge about sales conversion and website optimisation.  For the last 2 years Nigel worked as a digital consultant helping other institutions improve the online experience being offered to their customers and driving higher sales and customer retention.

Nigel is an experienced and passionate digital professional. In simple terms, Nigel knows his stuff. He’s got a great track record of influencing and driving strategic change that has delivered significant impact to the bottom line. A well respected member of my team and a huge asset to any organisation.

Chris Joannou

Head of Public Websites, Global Marketing, HSBC

Nigel is one of the most forward thinking clients I’ve ever worked with. He is constantly looking for new and clever ways to optimise a website, but always has a focus on proving that these initiatives are profitable short and long term. His thinking is always very user centred and he understands the importance of putting the actual user at the heart of website design and strategy.

Garry Lee

Chief Executive Officer, RedEye

Nigel proved well ahead of the market in recognising the value of putting the customer at the centre of HSBC’s decision making processes. More than that Nigel was brave enough to go the extra mile to execute extremely effectively resulting in a return on their investment in a bleeding edge technology that would have been the envy of every investment at the time in any business in any vertical. Couple this vision and courage with a cracking character both in and out of the office, and the result was one of those business relationships that makes coming to working that much more enjoyable.

Wayne Morris

UK General Manager, Maxymiser (now Oracle)